Calfurn Mfg. Philippines, Inc. (CALFURN) is an Angeles City-based furniture manufacturer organized in 1976 under the stewardship of Mr. Eredito P. Feliciano, CALFURN started with an original manpower of twenty (20) workers and initially catered the needs of domestic buyers only, particularly the military personnel in the U.S. Military Bases in the Philippines: the former Clark Air Base and the Subic Naval base.  Today, after thirty nine (39) years, CALFURN has tremendously grown to be a furniture exporter and a trendsetter at that, in the world market.  It now serves foreign buyers from the U.S.A., Australia, Europe and Asia.


CALFURN has continuously explored on using different kinds of indigenous but sustainable materials thus supporting and contributing to the development of our country without causing any harm to the environment.  To ensure availability of raw materials on a long-term basis, a sister company, the AWECA Agro-Forest Industries Corporation, was formed in 1992 to plant timber and non-timer species on a 5,000-hectare leased government property in Capas, Tarlac, Philippines.


CALFURN throughout its 39 years of existence has always been guided by our mission.  Being a customer-sensitive and people-oriented company, it has succeeded in the satisfying the scope of its commitment … to its CUSTOMERS, its PEOPLE, its STOCKHOLDERS, the COMMUNITY and the GOVERNMENT as well.





We believe that our ambition brought our company to existence; from this we derive our desire to grow and prosper into a legacy.


We believe that working together as partners, management and labor form a team to achieve the best results in our customers, our people, shareholders, community, and government.


We believe that wicker furniture and furnishings and other natural products are our best contribution to the furniture industry worldwide.


We believe in equality and justice for all; that he who gives receives equally and that he who shares in the risks shares in the rewards of those risks.


We believe that a community-based enterprise is our noble intention; providing a meaningful and comprehensive development as our contribution to nation building.


We believe that total commitment to excellence is a must in every undertaking that we pursue. This is the very key to continuity and growth.


We believe in the Almighty, who guides, loves, and blesses; that he who seeks first His kingdom, everything else will be added unto him.